Bed And Breakfast In Great Yarmouth : The Best Way To Enjoy Leisure Trips

With a homely, warmer and intimate stay with Bed and breakfast in Great Yarmouth, you can ensure that your stay will be sparkling. Reasonable for your pocket and unparallel quality is exactly what you can experience with bed and breakfast. If you are planning for a business tour or a leisure trip or just want … Continue reading “Bed And Breakfast In Great Yarmouth : The Best Way To Enjoy Leisure Trips”

With a homely, warmer and intimate stay with Bed and breakfast in Great Yarmouth, you can ensure that your stay will be sparkling. Reasonable for your pocket and unparallel quality is exactly what you can experience with bed and breakfast.

If you are planning for a business tour or a leisure trip or just want to go away from the doldrums of city life, the most important thing you must put into consideration is the place where you will be going to stay. Most travelers choose a hotel or motel. However, if one wants something warmer, intimate and homely, then nothing could beat the comfort of a bed and breakfast.

Staying at a reasonable hotel or motel tends to be an impersonal experience. You are provided with general rooms without any warm atmosphere. In a bed and breakfast, the rooms are arranged cozily inspiring a homely feel. The main difference between a hotel and B&B’s is that a lot of travelers find the service of B&B’s more appealing as it is much friendlier and compassionate compared to the cold behavior of hotel staff. Not only the staff, but the manager or even the hotelier welcomes you with a warm heart.

If you are planning for a vacation, then nothing can be better than a Bed and Breakfast Great Yarmouth. You can have enormous fun and the pleasure of your lifetime, as there are several B&B providing incomparable services. In addition, B&B’s are generally smaller than hotels and motels, means less people are there so you can be certain of the quiet and serene atmosphere – a very striking advantage specially if you are a couple looking to spend quality time together.

Every B&B’s, includes a free breakfast meal as complimentary. But, what sets it apart from others is that one can expect a heartier meal- an advantage you don’t usually enjoy anywhere else. Not only that, you can also expect a friendlier and personal service, as you can actually ask for a breakfast meal to your specifications. In B&B Great Yarmouth, you can enjoy full English breakfast, which includes fresh fruit juices, coffee, sandwich, bacon and eggs created matching your taste. The chef is there to listen to how you want your eggs and bacons to be.

Before booking your B&B, make sure that you book a hotel close to the main attractions. If you stay in a hotel that is closer to the main attractions than entire experience of exploring the place is going to be amazing. You should ensure that the accommodation is well equipped with all the necessary facilities such as tea and coffee making machines, color TV, radio alarm clocks, Wi-Fi facility and constant hot and cold water supply. Though, you don’t need to think about the staff and food of a B&B, but ensuring they have all the necessary facilities is important.

Another great advantage of B&B Great in Yarmouth over hotels is practicality. There is no extra charge to be paid as local phone calls, movies; attendant services and parking are included in the daily charge. One can save several dollars and can indulge that money into shopping or other adventurous experience. So, without any doubt, B&B is the best choice for a relaxing trip.

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JF Farmosa is a well known author who enjoys writing for travel and tourism industry. An itinerant by nature, she loves visiting different places; Yarmouth Bed and Breakfast being his favourite town.

Culture :: How Ancient Egyptians Spent Their Leisure Time

While the lives of the ancient Egyptians may seem removed from our own by centuries, their leisurely pursuits were not so different from our own. Music played an essential role in the lives of ancient Egyptians. To pass the time, Egyptians and especially nobles threw lavish parties. Sensual activity and eroticism were a central aspect of these parties. Consumption of wine, beer and narcotics was not uncommon.

Music was a critical aspect of both Egyptian religion and its culture. It was believed that music pleased the gods and mortals alike and nearly any festival or banquet included musicians. The three female musicians wall relief found at the Tomb of Nakht dated Dynasty XVIII 1450 B.C. is a single example among dozens of artifacts depicting how integral music was to ancient Egyptian society. Archaeologists have also unearthed a number of musical instruments. Unfortunately, Egyptians did not annotate their music so we are unclear on how it may have sounded.

Paintings and Egyptian sculptures found in tombs suggest that the majority of the musicians were female. These female groups would frequently perform at banquets and festivities often accompanied by dancers. The instruments of the time included flutes, drums, lyres, harps and lutes. Egyptian statues depict Hathor, the goddess of music, holding a rattle-like instrument called the sistrum. Those who worshipped Hathor were frequently treated to performances by female musicians at the temple.

Those who enjoyed music in ancient Egypt usually did so at a festival or banquet. Along with the music wine was plentiful. Beer was another popular party beverage, often seasoned and combined with fruit. These banquets emphasized the exotic and erotic with special emphasis on pleasing the senses of taste and smell. Egyptian banquets were often the place were narcotic flowers were combined with wine to increase the euphoric experience.

To add to the enjoyment of the banquets, attendees were usually given a flower bud or blossom to smell during the entertainment. Sweet smelling fragrant ointments were placed in the wigs of banquet attendees to please the sense of smell.

The center of attraction at an Egyptian banquet was sure to be the performance of the dancers. In ancient Egyptian culture men generally danced with men and women with women. The dance of the ancient Egyptians varied greatly. Some performances focused on simple movement while others bordered on the gymnastic.

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